Empire Tower
Project Type: Office
Completed:    1994
Location:        Kuningan Persada Superblock, Jakarta, Indonesia
Client:            PT Pacific Metroreality
Statistics:       45,000 sq. m. of office space,
                      5,000 sq. m. of retail area,
                      30,000 sq. m. of parking space.

Description: This was one of the tallest structures in Jakarta when it was originally designed in 1993, at 32 stories and 157 meters. The building is constructed using a concrete shear wall and a structural steel frame allowing large spans and extensive cantilevers. As a strata-title building it was important to maximize both sellable and net useable floor area and so fan coils located above the suspended ceiling panels were used in lieu of floor-mounted air handling units. The round shape of the west-facing aspect of the building was both a response to the building's location at the first structure to be developed in the Kuningan Persada superblock and to the desires of the developers to place a rotating restaurant at the top of the building. The two-story restaurant is located 132 meters above the ground and offers superb views of the skyline of Jakarta, enhanced by the use of clear structural glass. In order to protect the glass and interiors from heat build up sunscreen was cantilevered from the roof; this screen extends some 7.0 meters and is constructed of steel tubes.

Empire Tower Empire Tower
Empire Tower Peak Interior Lobby
Empire Tower Lift Area Interior Lobby
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