Peddar Road Mumbai
Project Type: Residential Condominium
Completed:    2004
Location:        Mumbai, India
Client:            Ispat Development
Statistics:       20,000 Sq. m. residential floor area,
                      3,000 sq. m. of retial area,
                      10,000 sq. m. of parking area.

Description: Located on one of Mumbai's most prominent sites, and with one residence per floor this 25-story building was designed as a luxury high-rise residence for wealthy locals and expatriates. Each floor contains an area for parking of two vehicles with access via two large, 4,000 kg elevators. A pool and community room is located on the second floor above the entrance lobby while retail shops are located at street level. The sloping site allows for what are considered two ground floors.

Peddar Road Mumbai Peddar Road Mumbai
Peddar Road Mumbai Peddar Road Mumbai
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