3670 Wilshire
Project Type: Mixed use Retail and Residential
Completed:    Project Abandoned
Location:        Los Angeles, California
Client:            Legacy Partners
Statistics:       600,000 Sq. Ft.,
                      400,000 sq. ft. of parking space,
                      378 condominium units,
                      8,000 sq.ft. of retail space.

Description: This proposed 40-story condominium development was intended to be constructed in one phase and would have occupied half of a large block in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles. The podium, used for tenant entrance, vehicle circulation, retail and parking uses, would have risen to a level that responded appropriately to the golf driving range located immediately to the west of the site. The concrete structure, using a dual frame moment beam and shear wall system, is designed as a long slab but with semi-private elevators providing access to the residential levels; the corridor that results is used only for servicing the residential units and for emergency egress.
(Some of the projects were designed and managed by one or more of the principals while at another firm.)

Model Model
Layout Sketch
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