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The office of ARC PAC (USA) Inc. is in Los Angeles County, the city of West Covina.

Projects that Mr. McKelvey has worked on include office buildings in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, the People’s Republic of China and the USA; hotels and resorts in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, the PRC and the USA; mixed-use projects in Indonesia, the Philippines and the USA; multi-family developments as large as 4,300 units in 26 separate towers in Indonesia and smaller multi-family developments in that country as well as the USA; and single-family residences in the southern California area.

The advantage of having a small practice is that for projects that are not large and where clients are primarily concerned about costs we are able to conform our services to limited budgets. For larger projects we are able to associate and collaborate with larger firms, thereby achieving the scale of resources required for the more complex requirements of large, high-cost developments while remaining nimble and flexible.